org.elasticsearch.transport.ConnectTransportException: [][] connect_timeout[30s]

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You did not add anything to the conversation yet right? Are you planning to do so?

Sorry for the delay in my reply. And, Yes we didn't write any Java code. Because we took this web application as open-source and modifying UI alone for our internal use.

After the connection issue, we decline the docker container implementation.

But finally we fixed the issue. Issue related to apache tomcat version.

Previously we were using apache tomcat 9 vs Elasticsearch 5.6. Now apache tomcat 8 vs elasticsearch 5.6.2.

And we are wondering higher version makes an issue in the docker container. If we run locally everything working fine.

Thank you very much Dadoo. I took the idea from your reply only(TransportClient. It will be removed in the next major version).

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