Osquery in new space not working

Why does this keep happening? Osquery packs only work from the Default space, any other space where I created a new pack, this happens:

Hey @lamp123432, I am Tomasz and I am working on the Osquery integration's team. I am not sure what the issue is just yet, but I am going to investigate right away and hopefully get you updated pretty soon. Sorry for the inconvenience :bowing_man:

@lamp123432 thanks for raising this issue, the fix is on its way, and should be available to you as soon v8.5.3 or v8.6.0 get released (not sure what version you're on right now).
Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot, was I the one that made you guys aware of this issue? Very glad to hear a fix is coming so soon! I'm loving this integration, I see lots of potential, especially for patch management and tracking vulnerabilities.

A bit off-topic, but any plans on having a search to some CVE database in the future that can flag old versions of applications with critical vulnerabilities on a Windows endpoint let's say that Osquery finds?

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