Out of memory on Client Node

Hey everyone!
On the last month I have configured an elastic search cluster as follows:

  • 1 Client-node => dedicated server (i7 with 12GB ram with Heap Size of 6GB)
  • 4 master-nodes/data-nodes => 2 dedicated servers (i7 with 64GB with Heap Size of 30Gb) and 2 VPS

All the nodes run the last version 7.6.1 of Elasticsearch and all the indexes are set to have one primary node and 3 replicas. Everything was going great until last week when the client node started with out of memory exception.

I already tried to extract more insight from the hprof file from the last exception but until this moment I'm unable to get any conclusion.

Can anyone provide some ideas on how I can detect what is the reason why I'm getting OOM?

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