Out of RAM memory

Hello. I have a cluster of 3 machines with 16 cores and 32 gigs of RAM. The last 2 weeks there has been a problem that 28-29 GB of 32 GB become full. I sinned on the cache, cleaned it, but the memory did not go away. Rebooting the elastic itself also does not bring results. On 2 machines, another graylog is hanging in parallel. Rebooting it also did not give results. I executed the curl "localhost:9200/_nodes/jvm?pretty&human" then I give the command log: Output logs , Elasticsearch config, jvm.options vm characteristics:

What other data is needed for diagnostics and understanding what is happening? Elastic is 7.10.2

Your Elasticsearch log link is no longer available, so it's hard to provide advice without it.

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