Outermost aggregation in Visual Builder cannot be (term) Bucket

Is there a way to start with a bucket filter in Visual Builder?
I want to do a bucket aggregation and have the child aggs of the outer bucket generate the time series of values.

Something like this query which works just fine in the dev console:

  "aggs": {  
    "series": { 
      "date_histogram": { "field": "@timestamp",  "interval": "hour"  } ,
      "aggs": {
        "bucket_by_host": { 
          "terms": { "field": "host" },
          "aggs": {
            "used"      : {"sum": { "field": "server-ram-b" } },
            "installed" : {"max": { "field": "host-ram-b" } },
            "ratio"     : { "bucket_script": { "buckets_path": {  "used": "used", "installed": "installed" }, "script": " (params.used / params.installed) " } }
       "total-ratio" : { "avg_bucket": {      "buckets_path": "bucket_by_host>ratio "    } }     

Bucket script parent pipeline aggregation is available in TSVB, so you could build this using that. See an example in the image below:

If you can show me how to bucket by terms, then I will be happy.
I should probably retitle this issue to say that, but instead I've recently been looking at Vega Kibana plugin.
I had found the above already, but the larger ask is to be able to start with a term bucket.
I think I can use any query I want and point Vega at the results.
So, I'm moving to Vega for visualizing the responses from arbitrarily complicated queries.

Elastic support confirmed that it is not currently possible to start with a term bucket in Visual Builder.

If you want to switch to Vega, feel free to open another issue so that other people notice it, that have better knowledge about it than me.

And the problem with Vega is that I don't think it pays attention to Kibana filters.

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