Output.elasticsearch -> console

How do I set output.elasticsearch to console only, without elasticsearch hosts?
If I do
# hosts: ["localhost:9200"]
I get
Exiting: error initializing publisher: missing required field accessing 'output.elasticsearch.hosts' (source:'test.yml')

I do know, -e flag sends filebeat log to stderr.
I do want to run beat NOT in test mode with output to console instead of elasticsearch.
Is it possible?

What you want is to use console output, which is a different kind of output than elasticsearch:

# output.elasticsearch:
#   hosts: ["localhost:9200"]

  enabled: true
  pretty: true

For that you need to comment-out the elasticsearch output completely, not just the hosts field, as beats only allow one output to be specified.


Got it!
That’s exactly what I was missing! :blush:
Thanks a lot!

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