Disable filebeat console output


I'm having trouble disabling my filebeat's console output. I have stated in my filebeat.yml that console output should be enabled but it doesn't work. Do I need to configure it somewhere else as well as to the filebeat.yml? I am currently starting my filebeat with command:

sudo --preserve-env ./filebeat -e -c filebeat.yml -d "publish" --once

and my filebeat.yml looks like this:

- type: log

     index:  ${CURRENT_SERVER}-${DATE_USED}
  close_eof: true
  hosts: MY HOST
  enabled: false

I am not sure if the output is even caused by filebeat. The output that I'm trying to disable looks like this:

TIMESTAMP	DEBUG	[publish]	pipeline/processor.go:275	Publish event: {
  "@timestamp": TIMESTAMP
  "@metadata": {
    "beat": "filebeat",
    "type": "doc",
    "version": VERSION
  "offset": OFFSET
  "message": MESSAGE
  "prospector": {
    "type": "log"
  "fields": {
    "index": INDEXNAME
  "beat": {
    "name": NAME
    "hostname": NAME
    "version": VERSION
  "source": SOURCE

-e flag makes filebeat to log to stderr.

If you want to reduce the level of logs printed you can use logging.level option.

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