Output to file

I am working on monitoring and debugging a closed up secured system, that can only output files to my main network (also not connected to the internet...).
I have decided to output the metricbeat logs into a file with the output.file option.
I am using the metricbeat to monitor windows systems, and have installed the metricbeat as a service on the systems with the provided script.

To my problem: i need the output of the metricbeat to go out to a UNC path, meaning to go to a network cifs share, and for the life of me i can not get it to work, i tried any combination of forward and backward backslashes, but i cant get it to work, i always get the mkdir error, and get a partial path in the logs, for example, if my UNC path is \servername\c$\metricbeat, it writes in the log it can not mkdir on \servername at best.

Can someone help please?

hi @DrProfSagi, can you confirm that the user you are running metricbeat as, has access to the network share and the permission to create directory and files?

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