Where in directory structure can collected metricbeat data be viewed?


The documentation data indicates location for persistent data files is /var/lib/metricbeat. That directory is empty and i have searched other locations containing metricbeat and data in path. I am getting data because I see entries similar to following present at /var/log/metricbeat/metricbeat:
INFO Non-zero metrics in the last 30s: fetches.system-memory.success-1 fetches.system-filename.success-1 fetches.system-process.events=83.
I am attempting to output data to Kafka but need to resolve a firewall issue first. Is it possible in any other location other than the log snippet shown above (from /var/log/metricbeat) to view the data being collected? Thanks.

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Can you share your config file? You can enabled file or console output to have a look at the data that is generated.


Was there a specific section you wanted me to cut-and-paste?
logging section is as follows =>
logging.level: debug
logging.selectors: ["beat"]
logging.to_syslog: true


Only other populated section is the Kafka output where i have the "hosts:" and "topic:" fields specified. I will take a look at the two links you provided to see if i can see the actual data. The output snippet I included in first post (e.g. fetches.system-process.events=83, etc.) is not helpful to see what is actually being captured. Thank you.

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Please have a look at the docs I posted. In case this didn't help, please post your full config file and quickly mention what didn't work about the console or file output.

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