Output Using CEF codec and to Kafka Server

Is there a way to nest the Output statement so that I can first output using the CEF codec and then Output to a Kafka topic. The requirement is that I have to covert the data to CEF and then send to a Kafka topic. I feel like I can just use the server and port of the Kafka server but I am not sure how to send it to a specific topic on that server. Will just adding "topic_id" work? or does it have to be nested differently?

output {
  tcp {
    port     => "KAFKA SERVER PORT"
    host     => "192,168.1.1,"
    **topic_id => "mytopic"** 
    codec    =>  cef {
      delimiter  => "\r\n"
            fields     => [ "cs1", "cs2", "cs3"]
      version    => "1"
      severity   => "7"

Why are you not using a kafka output?

Because I need the output to be in CEF format and I thought in order to output in CEF format I had to use the CEF codec. If I output just using

output {
      kafka {
        codec => json
        topic_id => "mytopic"

Will it display in CEF? or just text based? Basically want to send CEF formated data to a Kafka topic

Have you tried using a cef codec for the kafka output?

Ah I see what you mean.

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