Overall Average of count returns float value need Integer

I created a Kibana visualization (data table) that will give the overall average of the count of the messages split by rows (for the values in status.keyword).

I am getting an average value fine and good for the selected time range. But I am getting a float value. My team requires it to be a number.

I have gone through some pages in discuss, so far I only found to modify the datatype of a field. In my case, I am trying to find the average of count of messages. Please let me know If I can do that.

Sorry, I don't know what "average of the count" is. Could you say more about the visualization? Are you using average bucket aggregation as a metric?

Yes, I am using Average Bucket as a Metric Aggregation.
Here is the attachment just to be sure.

Can we do this, do you have any idea on how to do this. Please let me know.


Sorry, I checked around and it looks like it is not possible, unfortunately.

Quick update, in looking into this question, I found a possible issue in Kibana, which may be blocking the desired behavior: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/59703

Thanks for the update

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