Overwrite Kibana files with a plugin

Hi all,
is it possible to overwrite a file of a stardard Kibana release with a plugin for it?

I suppose the answer is no, but maybe I do not consider all aspects.


It might be possible, but it's definitely not recommended or supported. What are you trying to do that might only be possible by overwriting a file? I might be able to help identify other ways.

Sorry for my late response.

I'm experimenting on Kibana 6.5.0 and I'd like to apply 3 changes:

  • Add a text in src/core_plugins/kibana/public/dashboard/daskboard_app.html
  • Change the proxy used in src/core_plugins/elasticsearch/lib/create_proxy.js
  • Add a filter on some "get" queries for Elasticsearch in src/core_plugins/elasticsearch/lib/cluster.js

Probably there is a different and better solution than overwrite files for each of them.


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