Overwriting new document?


Recently I did a fresh install of elk 7.7 . I did a successfull attempt of creaing a POC and now try to build up a full environment. However, When I send a log via filebeatand logstash to ES, somehow every new document overwrites the previous one. What am I doing wrong?
Have not seen this in my POC now on my previous production environment of ELK 6.7

Any suggestions where to look?

That is often caused by you setting the document_id in the Elasticsearch output in Logstash and that the field you are using is wrong or not defined.

Thnx for the quick reponse. WIll have a look at that, however, I am surprised that that was not the case than with te POC install, which used the same output definitions.

Maybe the input has changed and the field is no longer present? Have a look at the ID of the document being indexed. That should show if it is this causing it or not.

It really DOES help if one puts the appropriate filter conf file in the conf.d as well :frowning: :wink:

Thnx for pointing me in te right direction.

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