Packetbeat 7.2.0 and mongodb 4.0.12 - no "resource" and no "mongodb.fullCollectionName"

I am monitoring mongodb with packetbeat.

I want to build dashboard in kibana with "Visualize" per collection name, but I don't see relevant values in "resource" or in "mongodb.fullCollectionName" in ellastic.

The values of mongodb.fullCollectionName: admin.$cmd, admin.$cmd.otherCommand(), mydb.$cmd.otherCommand().

How can I get the collection names(mydb.myCollection)?
Does packetbeat support mongo 4?

packetbeat configuration:
- type: mongodb
ports: "27017"

packetbeat version: 7.2.0
mongodb version: 4.0.12

In addition packatbeat throws following error:
"ERROR mongodb/mongodb_parser.go:68 Unknown operation code: 1936028769 ((value=1936028769))"

It worked great with packetbeat version 6.5.4 and mongodb version: 3.6.4

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