Packetbeat Bytes in and out data issues

I have read the documentation from packetbeat and realized that the packetbeat measure Bytes in and Bytes out data across application layer message. I would like to know does it measure all the layer or just a specific layer? Also, does it only measure the data between client and server or also between client and client? Thanks.

it monitors Request Size and Response size for every incoming request.. what do you mean by Client and client?


I mean like between client servers, for example, a ELK server is setup to read logs from 2 client servers, will packetbeat also measure the data between incoming requests of the 2 servers or just between ELK and each client

Packetbeat will need to be deployed on machines which host the web application. Configure it correctly in terms of ports.
Packetbeat will further collect http specific information and push to Central Elastic store.

Packetbeat measure data of incoming request on the webserver and out going response from the webserver.


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