Packetbeat dashboard can't locate index pattern

(imparker) #1

I've tried refreshing the pattern and having packetbeat resend the dashboards but neither seem to work.

(Archana ) #2

When you try something lik GET .kibana/_search do you see that packetbeat index pattern in there? And that Response-times repartition visualization in there? They should be objects in the .kibana index.

(imparker) #3

If I'm understanding this correctly then I think yes?

(Archana ) #4

Ah, What you should see are the _id field of the visualization and of the index pattern; they need to match what the dashboard is looking for. Here's a better query GET .kibana/doc/packetbeat-* and GET .kibana/doc/Response-times-repartition

The packetbeat dashboard is looking for objects with those ids. If they don't exist in the kibana index, it won't find them. I'm not sure what might have happened to cause this... At some point the ids of the saved search and visualization changed, and now the dashboard is no longer referencing the current ids of those objects. If you know they exist, you can re-link them to the dashboard by removing what's there and re-adding them by going into the dashboard edit.

Was this a preconfigured packetbeat dashboard? I think you obtained it from one of our examples, where we provide some dashboards to get started? I wonder what happened here. Was this dashboard ever displaying those objects?

(imparker) #5

yeah, they were the preconfigured ones. No, they weren't.

(Marius Dragomir) #6

Do you have the packetbeat-* index pattern in the Management tab under Index Patterns?

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(Marius Dragomir) #8

Good, can you also confirm that upon creation you also set the Custom index pattern ID to packetbeat-* ?
To be sure, the easiest way is to create another index pattern, with the same pattern, but with the field for Custom ID also as packetbeat-*

(imparker) #9

So like this? I manually entered packetbeat-* to the custom index pattern ID field

(imparker) #10

I've done what you suggested, but I'm still getting dashboard errors.

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