Packetbeat no data but error Cannot index event publisher.Event

Dear All,
I am running ELK 8.2.2 on Debian 11 bullseye and installed packetbeat 8.2.2. "packetbeat setup" brings no errors. And

packetbeat test config

Config OK

packetbeat test output

parse url... OK
parse host... OK
dns lookup... OK
dial up... OK
security: server's certificate chain verification is enabled
handshake... OK
TLS version: TLSv1.3
dial up... OK
talk to server... OK
version: 8.2.2

If I look with kibana at packetbeat overview I see no data. Also DNS doesn't show anything, of course it is configured.
In index management I see data streams and index templates for packetbeat.
But looking at discover and selecting packetbeat doesn't show any data too.

When I run packetbeat with option -v I see repeated infos like this
{"log.level":"warn","@timestamp":"2022-06-11T21:47:41.643+0200","log.logger":"Elasticsearch","log.origin":{"":"Elasticsearch/client.go","file.line":428},"message":"Cannot index event publisher.Event{Content:beat.Event{Timestamp:time.Date(2022, time.June, 11, 21, 47, 40, 583409918, time.Local), .......

Is this maybe a problem of the combination of ELK and OS because on older versions of Debian and ELK I can run packetbeat successfully.

// Hans

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