Packetbeat "spider visualisation"

Hi Guys,

I am using the opensource elastic (elastic rules :slight_smile: ) . i got packetbeat running, but I really I was looking for a kind of dependancy mapping "spider" kind of diagram I can run on a bunch of packetbeat data showing what has been talking to what.

Anyone done this and can anyone point me in the right direction?


Nik :smiley:

just figured out I need 6.3 with open source x pack, otherwise i need ££££

Just to clarify, starting in 6.3, the x-pack code has been merged into the kibana code base and is open but x-pack is not open source. The term "Open source" has a very strict definition on licensing. the X-Pack code will be opened under the Elastic License. However, it will not be 'Open Source' as it will not be covered by an OSI approved license. for more details.

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