Pagination on composite aggregation

Hi. I'm having such kind of problem on defining composite aggregation for paginating the results.

CompositeAggregationBuilder aggregationBuilder = AggregationBuilders
                    .composite(aggrField, List.of(new TermsValuesSourceBuilder(aggrField).field(aggrField)))
                    .aggregateAfter(Map.of("keyword", aggrField))

final SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest(bucketListInfo.getIndexName())
        try {
            final SearchResponse response =, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
            return extractBucketsFromResponse1(bucketListInfo, response);
        } catch (Exception e) {
            log.error(e.getMessage(), e);
            return null;

and this is the [extractBucketsFromResponse1] method definition.

    private static BucketList extractBucketsFromResponse1(final BucketListInfo bucketListInfo, final SearchResponse response) {
        final BucketList bucketList = new BucketList();
        for (String aggrField : bucketListInfo.getAggrFieldList()) {
            ParsedComposite terms = response.getAggregations().get(aggrField);
        return bucketList;

And when getting the results this way, the pagination doesn't work, it gives the wrong result.
Can anybody please help me on this issue.

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