Pagination option is not visible in kibana after upgraded it to 7.9.4

Hi Team,

Recently i have upgraded my Elasticsearch & Kibana to 7.9.4 but after upgrade in kibana pagination option is not visible. For example if i have queried something in kibana and got total count 200 but out of 200 only 50 results are visible in kibana i want total 200 results to be visible.


Could you share a screen where you are missing it? from which version did you upgrade

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Hi @matw - I have upgraded it from 7.0.1 to 7.9.4 but pagination option is not visible do i need to change any settings at backend.

Also please refer above screenshot. after some records it should migrate to next page. Also while running big query am getting shard failures error in kIbana

Since you're using discover, you should just scroll down, it should render those records in 50 batches) but since you are just having 18 hits, you should have a 18 records in the table. no rendering when scrolling down should be necessary. there is no pagination in Kibana Discover BTW

Thanks @matw for your revert.