Pagination - re-indexing

I have question regarding pagination in Elasticsearch, let i have log record more then 10,000 so i am gone a do pagination on it, so main question is that --

is it required re-indexing when data is more then 10,000 ???

I don't see the relation between searching with the need of pagination for more than 10k results and reindexing.

So my answer is no but I'm unsure I fully understood the question.

I have doubts regarding ...
1 - why we need re-indexing ?
2 - if i change configuration in to the database so re-indexing is required or not ?
3 - what is the limitation of database size in Elasticsearch ?
( consider that data is in large form, that's why i ask this questions.)

Thank you


Using different words may cause confusion. Is this mean "I change mappings of the index"?
If so, you need reindex unless you only add some new fields or some parameters.

Still now also I don't understand the relation between seaching more than 10k results and reindexing. Please clarify the meaning of your question. In general, there is no relation between the size of the result and the need of reindexing.

I'm not sure but in reality the size of the nodes and clusters will be the limitation.


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