Painless script failing whenever you fetch a field from doc

I am trying out ‘Painless’ scripts on Kibana (by creating scripted fields My script runs just fine until I access a field from “doc” object. I immediately get following Warning on Kibana UI:


Courier Fetch: 1 of 2 shards failed.

For some reason, line 6 of my script cause the warning and no logs are displayed on UI. If I remove this line(along with braces), it works just fine:

String featureName="pendingApp";
String key="customerFeatures.0.featureId";

return "AA";
return "N/A";

On Kibana, following is how actually the logs appear (you can see the field 'customerFeatures.0.featureId' is available):


Do I need to enable something on Kibana, or change the indexing somehow?

I will really appreciate any help,



What are you trying to accomplish with the scripted field?
If you are looking for the customerFeatures.0.featureId field to have the value yes you need to use doc[key].value == "yes"

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