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Hello Team,

I need help fetching Timestamp from the specific Kibana field. I'm using below painless script, but I get unexpected character \\ error. Can you please suggest the correct way. I could use split, but the timestamp index is variable in my case. Thanks.

Regex -

def m = \d{2,2}\/\d{2,2}\/\d{4,4} \d{2,2}:\d{2,2}:\d{2,2}
   return "no timestamp found"

type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"unexpected character [\\].","caused_by":{"type":"lexer_no_viable_alt_exception","reason":null}}}},{"shard":3,"index":"default-2018.05","node":"XTVSx9u9RYqM3aJBp1_-Rw","reason":{"type":"general_script_exception","reason":"Failed to compile inline script


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Have you set script.painless.regex.enabled: true in your elasticsearch.yml?

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Yes, no luck. I have restarted the service as well. Can you please confirm if I have set it in correct place (below screenshot).


Suspecting something wrong with my regex, I used the sample mentioned in the elastic documentation, I now get below error (Kibana 5.5.2)

"reason":"Regexes are disabled. Set [script.painless.regex.enabled] to [true] in elasticsearch.yaml to allow them. Be careful though, regexes break out of Painless's protection against deep recursion and long loops.

def m = /^.*\.([a-z]+)$/.matcher(doc['message.keyword'].value);
if ( m.matches() ) {
} else {
   return "no match"

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