Parallel_bulk record format (update, insert, etc.)


I have been able to get "helpers.parallel_bulk" in Python (v3) to insert new json records using the the format below (array of JSON records):
[{'_id': 'AVyPTQ2d82rj_AUAq9dc', '_type': 'mytype', '_index': 'myindex-2017.06.10', 'starttime': '2017-06-09T23:59:48.670430Z', 'src': '', 'sport': 4570, etc ... }
{'_id': 'AVyPTQ2d82rj_AUAq9db', '_type': 'mytype', '_index': 'myindex-2017.06.10', 'starttime': '2017-06-09T23:59:48.670430Z', 'src': '', 'sport': 3463, etc ... }
{'_id': 'AVyPTQ2d82rj_AUAq9da', '_type': 'mytype', '_index': 'myindex-2017.06.10', 'starttime': '2017-06-09T23:59:48.670430Z', 'src': '', 'sport': 4987, etc ... }

The problem is that the format seems quite different than the bulk update documentation. Namely:
[{"index": {"id": "AVyKQdW282rj_AUAqK4", "_type": "mytype", "_index": "myindex-2017.06.09"}}
{'starttime': '2017-06-09T23:59:48.670430Z', 'src': '', 'sport': 4987, etc ... }
{"index": {"_id": "AVyKRJ1a82rj_AUAqLGR", "_type": "mytype", "_index": "myindex-2017.06.09"}}
{'starttime': '2017-06-09T23:59:48.670430Z', 'src': '', 'sport': 4987, etc ... }

The issue is that I want to be able to update and index records in the same parallel_bulk request. What is the correct JSON format that I should be using to distinguish between an index, create, update, and delete for each record?


For those looking for the answer, I was able to find it. There is a _op_type code that needs to be added. ( From the documentation index is the default, but it will accept index, create, update, detete, etc.

Here is what the record needs to look like:
{'_id': 'AVyUdVY882rj_AUAr36V', '_type': 'mytype', '_index': 'myindex-2017.06.11', '_op_type': 'update', 'doc': {'fieldtoupdate': 'newvalue'}} [ Note: op type, id, type, and index are missing required underscores on the post because the site removes them ]

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