Parallel Queries on Elasticsearch

Hello everyone,
I am new to elasticsearch and still trying out a few things.
I have an ELK deployment with a single node with multiple indexes and shards . Are the search queries run on the data sequential or are they parallel in execution?
For example lets say I have two queries:

1- query={“bool”: {“must” : [{“match”: {“Object2Path.string”: “nginx”}},{“match”: {“message.type”: “RECORD_EVENT”}}]}}
2- query={“bool”: {“must” : [{“match”: {“TITLE.string”: “newtitle”}},{“match”: {“message.type”: “RECORD_SUBJECT”}}]}}

If I run both of them at the same time, are they executed one after the other or are they executed in parallel?

If you are sending the queries to Elasticsearch across two seperate connections at the same time they will be executed in parallel (assuming there is enough resources).

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I believe _msearch does parallel requests as well.

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