Parent-Child Relationship performance

We've one usecase to implement where we want to maintain a relationship between two types of documents. We tried to put in the same document but the document size exceeding 200kb. So we're exploring parent-child relation model, where 1parent will map to 1 child. Read through the documentation regarding the performance issue when using the joins, but want to check any room for more improvement here.

Es version - 7.12
Cluster - 250+ mn document parent & 250+ mn child
200+ shards, writes are not frequent, mostly read-only cluster.
After indexing, field data is size 2gb, single query with has_child is taking almost 2.5 - 5 secs.


primaries: {
   memory_size: "2.1gb",
   memory_size_in_bytes: 2309747432

Is there a way to improve these metrics?

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