Parent/Child Relationship & Routing a Document HEAD request

I recently added a Parent/Child relationship to some of my types to allow me to add a layer of security implied by the search parameters.

Routing became an issue when I noticed that checking for the existence of a document requires the parent parameter if the type has a parent/child relationship.

This makes sense but at the same time is ridiculous IMO.

I have an ID, I'd like to check if a document exists by that ID, I understand shard routing, but is there anyway to get around having to know the parent ID in order to check the existence of a child?

I can perform an Id centric search and get the result without issue.

What am I missing, this is driving me crazy!?! :slight_smile:


For those interested, it would appear this is not a capability of ES at this time. If you do not know the parentId value you must perform a search for the objects.