Pareto Chart


Is there any possibility to create pareto chart in Kibana (v.6.5.1)?

Thank you.

What's a pareto chart?

I think that should be easily doable with Timelion, as you can combine a source using .bars() with a source using .line(), and you can use .cusum() to get a cumulative sum over time.

As a very simple sample (without any filtering, just using the count of all data):


Hi @BennyInc @warkolm, Thanks for your replying.
@BennyInc ,I really appreciate the suggestion and guidance given.

I would like to create a pareto chart with showing:
x-axis is the contents of a field & right y-axis is the cumulative percentage.
For example, 18%20June

Kindly advise on the method to achieve this . Thank you.

Ah, that won't work with Timelion - time-based data only.
You can try using Vega or Canvas to achieve this, but I haven't used them extensively yet.

@BennyInc Thank you.

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