Parse application logs - Help needed

Hi team,

I 'm new to the ELK stack, I 'm very fond of it and want to implement it for my application logs. The issue is I 'm not able to really make my application logs structured.

I 'm using beats to ship the logs to my logstash, it's a multi-line log file (the timestamp is new event in logstash, beats is able to do that). Now the log file consists of both requests and responses. Because of multi-line and not standard timestamp, I 'm not able to use grok and date filters together.

Sample logs: 
[2017-Aug-04 14:41:52.732729] [0x00007f8e8159f700] [level:9] Receive: Request from host code=1, id=22, length=348
User-Name = ""
Password = "password"
User-Service-Type = Framed-User
Framed-Protocol = PPP
Chargeable-User-Identity = "\00"
Client-Id =

[2017-Aug-04 14:41:52.749042] [0x00007f8e8159f700] [level:9] Sending Code=2, Id=22 to
ERX-Ingress-Policy-Name = "1M-upstream"
ERX-Egress-Policy-Name = "2M-downstream"
ERX-IPv6-Delegated-Pool-Name = "default-v6" 

What I 'm trying to do here:

  1. Extract the timestamp from the request.
  2. Segregate the requests and responses (by using the keyword "Sending" or "Recieve" in the 1st line.
  3. Capture the value of "Code" appearing in the 1st line.

If I get help on the above questions based on that, I think I would be able to derive more rules of my own.



Well, I could achieve the 1st two objectives, but struggling with the 3rd one. Seems nested If is not working inside my filter.

if "Sending" in [message]
mutate {
add_field => { "packet_type" => "Response"}
if "Receive" in [message]
mutate {
add_field => { "packet_type" => "Request"}

If anyone can please help here?

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