Parse CSV file through logstasj

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I have some csv format data .how to parse that data as i am missing some fields from the data

(Pjanzen) #2

Hi Shrikant,

There no information to go on here, without information we cannot help you.
I do want to point you to the logstash csv filter plugin

If you need any help please provide the following information and data:

  1. logstash version.
  2. Your logstash filter (what you have so far)
  3. Some example data (anonymized when needed)
  4. A proper explanation of you problem and what you are trying to accomplish.


(Shrikant) #3

Hello Pjanzen
Thankyou for your reply

I am faacing issue as i parsed the csv file and in IP field i am not getting the full IP.
I am only getting first 2 terms terms out of the IP.
I am using ELK 5.4 version



And some example data please.
Just copy here 2-5 lines so your problem can be recreated.

(Pjanzen) #5

Hi Shrikant,

Again please provide sample data and your config.
It also might be a idea to post your question in you native language this might help in you exploring the ELK possibilities..



It's better to post in english (if it's fluent enough), than in native language.
It has wider audience.

(Shrikant) #7

Thankyou for the reply
It has been solved as i changed the term from integer to string.


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