Parsing lon/lat with logstash

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I am facing problem while trying to parse location to 24.7N,118.5W.
How can parse it to location without removing the N and W from this format 24.7N,118.5W

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That is as far as I know not a valid location format, so I suspect you will need to parse the string and store the latitude and longitude as numbers in a separate field, which you the map as a geo_point.

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Thanks for the reply Christian , I was thinking the same but was trying to find if there is any alternate solution to it .
I am trying to parse data set from NASA fireball events.

Peak Brightness Date/Time (UT),Latitude (deg.),Longitude (deg.),Altitude (km),Velocity (km/s),vx,vy,vz,Total Radiated Energy (J),Calculated Total Impact Energy (kt)
31-07-2017 22:01,24.7N,118.5W,,,,,,5.80E+10,0.19
23-07-2017 6:12,6.6S,69.7W,38,17.2,-0.4,8.7,-14.8,3.50E+10,0.12

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