Parsing with Grok filter

Hello everyone.

I need your help to extract informations from a specific field.

So I have a log with a lot of information and with a grok filter I only store log lines that interest me in a variable named "DAS".

The lines I extract look like this :

2017-04-13T10:31:33.108 Int 22000 ##### EI_COF_SICRC04_DistriSortant_STR-v1 - 0071029d90c9b553 - Appel Campagne : C_PREREC_GLOBAL@AG_PREREC_GLOB Appel : 685158961 Chain ID : 168810811 Ditribution : OK

Now I would like to extract from this "DAS" field only what is highlighted: "Ditribution: OK".

Could you help me ?

No one ?

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