Creating grok filter to extract each field from Dao logs

I want to create a grok filter for my dao logs but as its my first time i stuck wen its going to next line.

2020-07-02 01:13:34.279 [https-jsse-nio-9143-exec-1] [fc7ac7ef-47d6-48f0-b8b4-44f0889a944d] DEBUG QueryLogger - User 49. Session ID: fc7ac7ef-47d6-48f0-b8b4-44f0889a944d

	*** START query execution...

	Method Call		: com.home.dao.repository.UserRepository.getUserByUserId:47

	Query			: SELECT * from XYZ OUR.USER_ID =:userId

	Using value(s)		: (userId:49)

	Time (in milliseconds)  : 4

*** STOP query execution. ***

This is what my log looks like. I want to extract Date, Thread, Debug level, Session Id, User, the query , execution time, Method call and values.

This is what i have written till now but not able to proceed further.
%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:timestamp} *\[%{DATA:thread}] *\[%{DATA:sessionId}] *%{LOGLEVEL:level} %{DATA:Logger} -

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