Partial word highlighting doesn't work properly

I am using highlighting(fvh) in the elasticsearch to highlight the keyword.
When I do a search with keyword 5-2011, it produces the result with the keyword 005-2011 but it doesn't highlight the keyword.
My query to highlight is

                             "type": "fvh",
                             "pre_tags": ["<em>"],
                             "post_tags": ["</em>"],
                             "number_of_fragments": 100,
                             "fragment_size": 50,
                            "fields": { "*": {} }

Elasticsearch version: 7.4.0
Actual behavior:
it doesn't return highlight for the keyword(5-2011)

expected behavior:

00"< em >5-2011</ em >

Settings for my index:


sample document:

search query:

expected result:

Github issue reference:

@jimczi , any thoughts?

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