Partially delete using the prepareDelete() method

Hi All ,

We are having 5 nodes of ES .
ES version 1.7
Deleting data from masternode
I am trying to delete one document using prepareDelete() method of DeleteRequestBuilder .
Here is the case ,

  1. We execute the delete query , and verify in browser using _search , Result --> data is deleted .
  2. we again refresh the page same _search url, Result --> Data found (earlier we verify that data is deleted) and displayed in Our UI !!!! thats weird
  3. We again refresh the page --> Result--> Data deleted verified !!!!!
    Now on we are not seeing the data hence completely deleted .

This is not intermittent . it is happening every time . Also We have stopped all Sync process to avoid reindexing of the same data .

i am assuming that one of the node is deleting data another is not
Is there any way to sync all nodes with in cluster for deleting document and return success
Can any one help with this ?

How many nodes do you have? 2?

One thing you could do is to set replicas to 0 then increase again.

But first I'd check if you are not suffering a split brain issue.