Pattern in scroll_id

Hi all,

I would like to know if we can figure out the page number ( result set number) by using the scroll_id that Elasticsearch provides.
I use Elasticsearch-7.4.


No, the scroll ID does not contain any such information. You should treat it as an opaque identifier.


Thanks for answering @DavidTurner.

I am working on paginating results, so i am trying out scroll feature.
Is it possible to traverse back using scroll id. because i noticed that i am getting same scroll id every time but i get next set of results as expected.
Can some one explain how this scroll works.


No, you cannot go backwards with a scroll. The scroll ID is the ID of some state within Elasticsearch that records where in the search you are up to.

Pagination is supported but scroll is a different feature with a different use case. If you want pagination, use the pagination feature.

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