Peformance issues with synonyms

Peformance issues with synonyms

Elastic search version used:2.1.1

I have configured synonyms and there 150 synonyms in the synonym file and used contraction mechnanism.
I am seeing pefromance issues after configuring synonyms on huge index where it has 70k documents the store size i.e complete index size is 27gb.

search query response time is degraded to 8-10 secs

in this regard, i have below questions.

  1. will synonym analysis degrade peformance?
  2. I have place synonyms file outside of config directory and used security policy to grant read access on synonym file while started elastic process.
    by using externalized synonym file, does it load this file every time during analysis instead of caching?
    does this approch cause any performance issue?
  3. Are there any guidelines with synonyms (with contract mechnanism) to improve performance with synonyms

Index configuration below

I have an index with below configuration

i.e primary shards 5 and replica per each primary as 2.

Number of nodes in cluser: 3

I have deployed each node on a single machine with 32gb ram and 3 machines to form a cluster.

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