Per-request REST Logging on ES 2+

We'd like to be able to log all REST requests into our ES nodes -- I know that I can turn on the "slow query logging" and set the threshold to 0, but I'd like something more robust than that. Is there a logger somewhere buried in ES that logs out enough data that we can create an Apache-style log line for every web request that comes into the ES cluster?

Historically we've done gotten around this by using something like Nginx/APache in front of ES ... but we don't see the need to do that going forward if we can get it through ES directly. Also with ES/Shield now handling SSL and Auth, I really hate to leverage apache purely as a heavy-weight logger..

There's not at the moment, even with Shield.

Do you know if there is a plan to implement it? A bug we can track or vote on? It seems like it shouldn't be that difficult to add, and with the moving of SSL/Auth into Shield, it seems crazy to have to run Nginx/Apache infront of the service still to get this type of logging.

You're always welcome to raise a feature request :smiley: