Percentage of all data

Hello All,

I am trying to do a vertical bar graph having a percentage of total data instead of a fixed number.

The data looks like:

{item: "A", price: 10}
{item: "B", price: 12}
{item: "A", price: 11}
{item: "C", price: 5}
{item: "A", price: 9}
{item: "B", price: 10}

I would like to see all the products which represent 20% of the total price. I mean 20% of (sum_price(A) + sum_price(B) + sum_price(C)...)

Sure I have much more than 3 items and 6 documents...

Thanks in advance,

I don't think that's possible right now, in a normal visualization, but you can accomplish it with Canvas:

Canvas allows you to write a pretty unique combination of queries, and then bind it to visualizations.

Hey @christophilus,

Thank you for your answer. I will take a look at it.


Hey @christophilus,

Thank you again for your information. Unlikely, Canvas will not solve the issue.

I will keep looking at how to solve the problem.


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