Percolation and filtering queries


Is the behavior described here under
"Filtering Executed Queries" tested anywhere?

If I add the following code to PercolatorExecutorTests.testSimplePercolator
it fails with an NPE in - indicesService is

    percolatorExecutor.addQuery("test2", XContentFactory.smileBuilder()
            .field("color", "blue")
            .field("query", termQuery("field1", 1))

    BytesReference sourceWithQuery =

.field("query", termQuery("color", "blue"))
.field("field1", 1)
.field("field2", "value")

    percolate = percolatorExecutor.percolate(new

PercolatorExecutor.SourceRequest("type1", sourceWithQuery));
assertThat(percolate.matches(), hasSize(2));
assertThat(percolate.matches(), hasItems("test1", "test2"));


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