Percolator not working with exact match

(2trc) #1

Hi guys,

I was reading about the percolator feature on and I couldn't get exact matches (queries with quotes) to work.

The document {"message" : "A new bonsai tree in the office"} returns the queries "bonsai tree" and ""bonsai in the office"" as well.

See detail on gist:

(Christoph) #2

Did you try Phrase Matching? I believe that one should work the way you expected the query with quotes to work.

(2trc) #3

"Phrase query" does work and I'm going to use that instead, thanks!

Should the quote issue be considered a bug?

(Christoph) #4

I don't think it's a bug, quotes in match queries are analyzed like any other query string and the standard analyzer just discards them as punctuation. The expectation that this would work like a phrase match was the problem I think.

(system) #5