Percolator queries get lost after restart


All percolator queries disappear from the index after restarting Elasticsearch.

For now all percolator queries are stored in the database, then a command is triggered to recreate these queries whenever Elasticsearch get restarted.

I'm looking for some insights on how to restore these documents.

Get query : GET my_index/.percolator/1

Google is not helpful at this point.

Thanks in advance

Hi @oachoor,

this sounds very odd.

Can you please double-check with the docs of the percolator API (I'm assuming you're on 2.x)? If the problem still persists can you please post a self-contained minimal and reproducible example here?


Thanks @danielmitterdorfer,

Sorry for not specifying my Elasticsearch version, I'm using 1.7.5 !

May bad, there was a command that resets all queries, all works quite fine.

Hi @oachoor,

Glad to hear that it works now. :slight_smile:


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