Perfmon help for metricbeat 6 beta


Hopefully someone can give me a little bit of help in regards to getting a perfmon counter to work

I am trying to get the below to work but as soon as i put it in my metrics everything stops working

What am i doing wrong?

- instance_label: "LM.W3SVC.1.ROOT.Site"
  instance_name: "ASP_NET_Applications"
  measurenment_label: "Sessions.Active"
  query: '\ASP.NET Applications(_LM_W3SVC_1_ROOT_Site)\Sessions Active'

Any help on how to find the proper information to put in would be great as this is a feature i would really like to start testing!


After a few tweaks i have now got this working. Firstly there where tabs in the YML file that beats didnt like and then i changed some of the syntax.

Below is the perfmon that works and returns the counts

- instance_label: ""
  instance_name: ""
  measurement_label: ""
  query: '\ASP.NET Applications(_LM_W3SVC_1_ROOT_site)\Sessions Active'
  format: "long"

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