Error in Metricbeats

I executed the metricbeats with the below config:

- module: windows
  metricsets: [perfmon]
  period: 10s
  perfmon.ignore_non_existent_counters: true
    - instance_label: process_processor_time
      measurement_label: process.processor.time
      query: '\Process(*)\% Processor Time'

I ran the test modules command, I get this error log:

C:\metricbeatt>metricbeat.exe test modules windows...
    error... ←[31mERROR ←[0mfailed reading counters: 1 error: key=process.proces
sor.time: The returned data is not valid.

Could someone tell whats the reason for this error message.

Hi @paul1243 :slight_smile:

I won't have a windows machine to check until later. Meanwhile are you sure that the instance_label name is correct? It looks like a . is missing between process and processor

Best regards

@Mario_Castro- Yes, its correct. with the same config its working on the other machine. but it isn't working in the win7 32 bit machine. :frowning:

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