Performance issues with _search query

We are running ES 6.5 cluster with 10 data node and 3 front node on i3.2xlarge.
We have daily indices with records-2019-08-10, records-2019-08-11 etc
Each index has 50 million records with 20GB daily data size.

the index is having 2 shards and 2 replicas

We are running a _search query with indices pattern records-2019-08-1* (means the search is done for 10 days)
The query is as follows {"size":50,"timeout":"60s", "_source":["field1","field2","field3"],"query":{"bool":{"filter":[{"match":{"field1":{"query":"xxx"}}},{"range":{"field2":{"from":234}}}]}},"sort":[{"field2":{"order":"asc"}}]}
While running the load test I am hitting the front nodes and the test results return max of 40 requests/sec with average latency 5 secs .
There is no active write done to the above-mentioned indices.
The results we are getting are way less than we expect our production taking too.
I am looking for ways to optimize the performance of the index.
We want to scale it to 500-600 RPS.
Let me know if there are suggestions

What is the average size of your documents? What does the match query string look like?

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