Performance monitoring of Elasticsearch server


I am new to Elasticsearch and want to know how we can measure stats like CPU usage, memory etc.
I want to create a customized report for a given period of time.

I have looked into Marvel plugin, it is gathering data and publishing those stats on it's own monitors but that doesn't give option of emailable report etc.

Any suggestion related to different tools available for elasticsearch and any other way to gather this information will be welcome


Marvel is collecting all the data you want and storing it right back in Elasticsearch in plain JSON documents, so nothing's stopping you from querying those .marvel indexes yourself using the Elasticsearch DSL to write your own reports based on whatever date ranges you want.

Thanks for the reply, I will look into that.

Check out SPM - it has good ES monitoring (but it's not limited to ES monitoring), with some nice features like AppMap, Distributed Transaction Tracing, Alerting and Anomaly Detection, graphing and correlation of events with metrics, users, roles, etc. etc. --


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