Performance Number of Visualization vs Number of Splitts


Strictly from the performance's perspective of the dashboard in the browser, which one is better

  1. If I have more visualizations with no split chart feature
  2. If I have fewer visualizations but those visualizations have multiple split chart in each of them

Or are they similar ?

Actually my pie charts are flickering every time the dashboard refreshed. I was wondering if there was any trick that I might be missing. I tried changing the interval from 5 seconds to 30 seconds but the performance does not improve. I am running Kibana 6.3.0 in Development environment on my laptop which has 16GB RAM.


I wouldn't expect either to have much of a difference, honestly. Have you tried both and noticed a difference?

Would you mind taking a screenshot of both your chart and configuration for it? Maybe there's something I can suggest by looking at those.

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