Performance Numbers of ES suggest v/s MongoDB

Is there any place, where i can get details of elastic search performance ?

I am looking at

a) I would be indexing around 400K documents (each of size 2K) ?
b) How much time does it take for elastic search to update a single document ?
c) Can i do realtime indexing, when searches are happening ? What is performance impact of the same

Appreciate your help

No problem.

No idea. But, download, run and inject. And you're done!
You will have that answer. Don't forget that sometimes it requires more time to read the data from its source than to index it into elasticsearch.

Yes. Realtime indexing. But not realtime searching. By default the index is refreshed every second. So it's a NRT search engine.

My 2 cents

any way you could upload your data for the perf numbers for ES vs mongoDb? Its part of my research so I'd really appreciate it