Performance problem in Percolator fetch phase classes


We are using Elasticsearch 7.8.0 and seem to be encountering a performance issue that we traced back to the method PercolatorHighlightSubFetchPhase#locatePercolatorQuery. Lucene 8.6 introduced a change to QueryVisitor as well as TermInSetQuery [1] that results in visitLeaf being called for each matching term in the index; this can become very costly even during "non-percolating" queries, and at this point PercolatorHighlightSubFetchPhase is only figuring out whether to run at all [2]. In addition to that, PercolatorMatchedSlotSubFetchPhase re-uses this very same method [3].

Did anyone else encounter similar problems, is this worthy of a bug report on GitHub?




Correction: the linked Lucene PR might help resolving this problem, as it changes TermInSetQuery so that it resolves terms lazily when visited by a QueryVisitor.


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