Performing Terms Queries on Rolled-Up Data using Kibana


I've been trying out X-Pack Rollup (in 6.7) and cannot use Kibana to perform any terms queries for exact matches on terms that I configured Rollup for. I'm not sure whether I've done something wrong or it's just not supported or not supported yet. Is there a way to use either the Kibana search bar or the little filter panes to filter rolled-up data using terms groups that were configured in the rollup job?

Below is just more elaboration in case the question is not clear.

I am able to run aggregations on the terms using data tables with rows split by the relevant term, which is currently explicitly supported by Rollup. A data table that runs the following type of agg, for example, works.

  "aggs": {
"2": {
  "terms": {
    "field": "my_text_field.raw",
    "size": 5,
    "order": {
      "_count": "desc"

But if I go to apply my_text_field.raw as a filter using the (+) magnifying glass (which instead uses the match_phrase query) the query fails as:

Rollup search error: [illegal_argument_exception] Unsupported Query in search request: [match_phrase]

Using the search bar with exact terms matches, which uses a query_string, also fails. For example, searching for


where "my_text_val" is an exact match for a data table row value, gives:

Rollup search error: [illegal_argument_exception] Unsupported Query in search request: [query_string]

Hey, it's a current limitation of rollups with it only supporting a few types of queries, ref.

It's not really supported but you may be able to get away with putting raw json in the input field in 6.7 to get perform a terms query. I don't think it works in the most recent kibana versions.

{ term: my_field: { value: 'foo } }

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